Located 1038 companies in Rue De Bourgogne in Liege

We located 1038 legal entities on the address: Rue De Bourgogne in Liege in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0537.264.192Sourires De La MédinaASBL
BE 0672.390.241Dog ControlASBL
BE 0541.720.749Association Des Copropriétaires De La Résidence Du Théatre Des Oblats À Liège (Grivegnee) Rue Des Oblats, 23/25.ACP
BE 0672.652.339ASBL
BE 0548.655.655Cerfontaine-PavillonchampsSASPJ
BE 0550.684.638Lp HomeSPRL
BE 0553.774.384Mc Sports Et LoisirsASBL
BE 0627.827.748CharmaisonSPRL
BE 0607.909.688Louise GSCRI
BE 0603.814.607Renard Jean Eric & Renard Eric AdfSASPJ
BE 0638.942.661OrthocantSPRL
BE 0651.879.095Bm Transport & ServiceSPRL
BE 0654.792.956Les Maronniers De Bois-De-BreuxASBL
BE 0671.957.996Be WillemSPRL
BE 0455.830.120Car System CenterSPRL
BE 0437.020.830A En S Montage ServiceSPRL
BE 0436.919.672Le BelleflammeSC (AS)
BE 0436.301.545FiscarecaSC (AS)
BE 0453.154.801Gec - InformatiqueSPRL
BE 0472.487.097Clean SistersSPRL