Located 23 companies in Pontweg in Lokeren

We located 23 legal entities on the address: Pontweg in Lokeren in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0422.838.638Gilbert CoppietersSPRL
BE 0425.009.260Rooms AiméSPRL
BE 0849.287.854PrintvisSPRL
BE 0459.878.483Palinghuis DaknamSPRL
BE 0446.417.259AmanytexSPRL
BE 0478.145.365VirbosoftSNC
BE 0475.171.326StruyveSNC
BE 0462.482.538Architectenbureau Keppens-SchelfoutSC SPRL
BE 0866.844.260RiebbelsSPRL
BE 0873.072.353N.n.b.tradingSPRL
BE 0660.658.585HeilsaASBL
BE 0821.105.790A.w. FrumauSPRL
BE 0809.803.312Holki ConsultingSPRL
BE 0540.809.543VersnoSPRL
BE 0444.292.563Hugo CaeldriesSPRLU FS
BE 0429.233.017Loufs-DelreeSPRL
BE 0830.195.18512.3SPRL
BE 0689.865.582FelicisSPRL
BE 0454.894.663Shahed TradingSPRL
BE 0473.890.332TrofalhoSPRL