Located 77 companies in Ingelmunstersteenweg in Oostrozebeke

We located 77 legal entities on the address: Ingelmunstersteenweg in Oostrozebeke in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0442.824.103FaninSA
BE 0414.038.659Tapijten Jacky AernoudtSPRL
BE 0862.321.090Fun Racing TeamASBL
BE 0861.950.215Veys AgroSPRL
BE 0850.340.996Vrije Katholieke Centrumscholen OostrozebekeASBL
BE 0819.074.037Monseré DieterSCS
BE 0448.993.697Berry ManagementSA
BE 0563.707.184Groep DebackereUTVA
BE 0478.793.681SpanofinSA
BE 0476.881.791K & S CandySPRL
BE 0463.888.147AngimmoSPRL
BE 0463.982.969Clue & PartnersSA
BE 0457.914.432Lambert - C.v. - SanSPRL
BE 0465.962.462Debackere AgroSA
BE 0417.422.276Grill ExpressSPRL
BE 0431.383.942Motorenrevisie Lambertijn BvbaSPRL
BE 0418.073.364MarkatexSA
BE 0882.265.874GejecoSPRL
BE 0886.486.166Spano InvestSPRL
BE 0870.215.902Berry Floor GroupSA