Located 99 companies in Avenue du Roi in Saint-Gilles

We located 99 legal entities on the address: Avenue du Roi in Saint-Gilles in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0447.133.079Multi Export EuropeSPRL
BE 0431.207.263Hors SerieSA
BE 0431.038.702Bill And Bill OneSC (AS)
BE 0428.989.725Taxi Yilmaz Et CieSCS
BE 0444.237.432M.p.c. International (Belgium)SA
BE 0422.953.256GesorSPRL
BE 0407.133.150Galerie San RemoSPRL
BE 0417.493.641FimoSPRL
BE 0411.816.666L'avenir Social MutualisteMUTU
BE 0400.876.452Editions Les CopainsSPRL
BE 0400.551.996CovedaSPRL
BE 0409.596.752Missionaris Of Charity - Mother Teresa Of CalcutaASBL
BE 0435.825.552Cine - Video - BoesiSPRL
BE 0460.619.742Anciens Ets LernoudSPRL
BE 0469.847.412AlemoonSPRL
BE 0460.743.664EunitedGEIE
BE 0471.577.574Chez MemkaASBL
BE 0467.260.480Sisters Of Mother Teresa In Belgium (Missionaries Of CharityASBL
BE 0812.311.058Association Coproprietaires A Saint-Gilles, Avenue Du Roi 71ACP
BE 0824.348.263Association Des Copropriétaires À Saint-Gilles , Avenue Du Roi 75ACP