Located 12 companies in Akkerlaan in Schoten

We located 12 legal entities on the address: Akkerlaan in Schoten in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0450.355.855Las MargaritasSPRL
BE 0560.689.692G En CoSCS
BE 0443.011.668ElencoSC (AS)
BE 0417.993.685Wijkkomitee GeuzenveldenASBL
BE 0452.456.894Schotense DakwerkenSPRL
BE 0840.325.648All Win ServicesSNC
BE 0444.830.914NiloracSPRL
BE 0456.668.179Balance-PoolingASBL
BE 0679.562.006PamoSCS
BE 0694.882.363Sales AdviesSCS
BE 0694.936.407Caroline Hans ImmobiliënSPRL
BE 0844.162.591Lo ElektroSPRL