Located 264 companies in Luikersteenweg in Sint-Truiden

We located 264 legal entities on the address: Luikersteenweg in Sint-Truiden in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0447.815.148ArlorSPRL
BE 0427.998.444KonfortSPRL
BE 0427.908.372Groep SchoofsSA
BE 0426.327.668Lord WinsorSPRL
BE 0427.058.633BavertemSA
BE 0430.966.842Limburgse Informatica SchoolSC (AS)
BE 0433.041.850MiddiSPRL
BE 0433.031.853PrimaveraSPRL
BE 0429.529.856PrecreatiefSPRL
BE 0430.073.947Belgian Hotel Corporation - Trudonian Trust ConsortiumSA
BE 0429.080.686Au Nouveau MondeSPRL
BE 0437.964.304V.f.r.SPRL
BE 0438.896.987Marco Viviani ParfumsSA
BE 0448.239.671Champagne InvestSA
BE 0444.145.281BatilandSA
BE 0437.275.307Interieurbouw WillemsSA
BE 0445.812.592L.m.SPRL
BE 0444.946.324Etablissement Georges ChampagneSA
BE 0435.229.694WinstonSPRL
BE 0432.247.341Domino ClubSCRL