Located 50 companies in Sint Jorisstraat in Temse

We located 50 legal entities on the address: Sint Jorisstraat in Temse in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0441.994.356O - MikronSC SPRL
BE 0434.569.205Vervoer A. VerlindenSC (AS)
BE 0446.367.175DimancoSPRL
BE 0823.166.744Vme Van De Residentie Sint-Amelbergalaan 13 Te 9140 Temse, Sint-Amelbergalaan 13.ACP
BE 0478.900.183Roels Stefan En Vereecken ChristineSNC
BE 0598.984.205Vme Residentie Sebastian, Sint-Sebastiaanstraat Te 9140 TemseACP
BE 0552.701.050Vme Residentie Sint-Joris, Sint-Jorisstraat 16 Te 9140 TemseACP
BE 0471.267.075Plantscape BelgieSPRL
BE 0470.809.492Talent Planet GroupSA
BE 0465.460.636BouwpartnersSPRLU
BE 0453.249.128V.h.v.SC SPRL
BE 0418.595.976V.g.b.s.SPRL
BE 0405.011.424SA
BE 0707.530.470La Bhoa ThaiSPRL
BE 0431.080.767RobelimSA
BE 0432.599.115Rooman WalterSPRL
BE 0826.437.228Vme Van De Residentie Den Uil Te 9140 Temse, Sint-Jorisstraat 63-65.ACP
BE 0867.767.938Total TroubleynASBL
BE 0822.107.464Kinepraktijk Patrick VerdicktSC SCS
BE 0675.377.940UpstreamASBL