Located 30 companies in De Merodelei in Turnhout

We located 30 legal entities on the address: De Merodelei in Turnhout in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0429.424.740Burcht Hertog JanSPRL
BE 0880.408.028CarbitecSPRL
BE 0806.667.044Morgan Horses BelgiumSPRL
BE 0835.333.811SidiadSPRL
BE 0845.298.580Ruitersportcentrum De Laks StablesASBL
BE 0462.425.724R.c. T'groenhofASBL
BE 0465.617.717Lk InvestSA
BE 0449.327.556LefebvreSPRLU
BE 0638.915.046Ice Cold Bright Sun Int.SPRL
BE 0474.894.875SportpromotieASBL
BE 0464.590.309DistrilandSA
BE 0464.592.188Domein De LintSA
BE 0414.712.711F.p&l TruckingSPRL
BE 0414.723.993Vanaco Home DesignSA
BE 0453.581.896Vogel's Industrial BelgiumSA
BE 0423.597.713Hockeyclub TaxandriaASBL
BE 0434.494.078Indoor Sport CenterASBL
BE 0893.414.045DiadisSPRL
BE 0424.841.885Meir-LefebvreSPRL
BE 0806.862.628Bsd Capital HoldingSPRL