Located 19 companies in begijnenhoefstraat in Turnhout

We located 19 legal entities on the address: begijnenhoefstraat in Turnhout in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0420.717.011B.h.i. DentalSA
BE 0878.859.590Casa ZwolletjesSPRL
BE 0896.428.072Van Zwol Vastgoed VSPRL
BE 0686.822.851Nieuw Oud-TurnhoutASBL
BE 0829.241.914Juwelier CanjelsSPRL
BE 0459.778.713BikoSPRLU
BE 0871.785.124Hofmans SchilderwerkenSPRL
BE 0873.674.842Relay Securities B.v.SPRL
BE 0628.895.045Dr. Christophe LebrunSC SPRL
BE 0479.196.133Van Zwol HoldingSCA
BE 0465.481.917Van Zwol BelgieSA
BE 0445.781.019Dental DiscountSA
BE 0420.272.195NovotextSPRL
BE 0431.235.868Immo ProjektSA
BE 0435.343.720LegalSPRL
BE 0429.218.169A.d.t. BelgiumSA
BE 0896.420.352Van Zwol Vastgoed IiiSPRL
BE 0896.429.557Van Zwol Vastgoed IvSPRL
BE 0896.430.349Van Zwol Vastgoed IiSPRL