Located 177 companies in Avenue Hamoir in Uccle

We located 177 legal entities on the address: Avenue Hamoir in Uccle in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0462.695.839Basell BelgiumPLIMCO
BE 0416.040.126Immo - CompasPLIMCO
BE 0417.071.096ErtesPLIMCO
BE 0411.627.715Micomet BeneluxPLIMCO
BE 0454.515.571ApanasPLIMCO
BE 0472.503.331Compagnie Des Muses LondonPLIMCO
BE 0412.550.502CodicuirPr LLC
BE 0696.623.118Association Partielle Des Copropriétaires À Uccle, Avenue Hamoir 14A, Immeuble BCOOWN
BE 0728.692.011JicalamCAWOLP
BE 0863.803.410Gt InvestPr LLC
BE 0893.743.548Coll EarnPr LLC
BE 0401.975.324Immobiliere Urbaine Et RuralePLIMCO
BE 0467.256.621Association Multiculturelle Des Francophones Dans Le Monde, Cercle De BelgiqueNPROF
BE 0416.753.273Les Amis Du Centre De Traumatologie Et De Réadaptation (C.t.r.)NPROF
BE 0466.025.513JibercoPr LLC
BE 0432.868.537Génération 2000NPROF
BE 0432.293.960AmonCSLL
BE 0436.495.050Top Of MindPLIMCO
BE 0433.445.587De LeyePr LLC
BE 0427.119.407AnemonesCS