Located 283 companies in Avenue Claire in Waterloo

We located 283 legal entities on the address: Avenue Claire in Waterloo in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0429.166.107Clodong Et PartnersSA
BE 0438.870.065Asphaltage - Pavement - DallageSCRL
BE 0433.922.570S.v.p. PapeterieSPRL
BE 0435.114.284Key SystemSA
BE 0434.458.446Les Entreprises Generales Guy Van Den BosscheSC (AS)
BE 0402.580.682Etablissements Sambre-MotorSPRL
BE 0451.181.444Uniglass AgenciesSA
BE 0845.603.042Amoruso AnnaSC SPRL
BE 0406.845.615NivelchimSA
BE 0665.971.910Fabry FoodSPRL
BE 0664.505.131Groupe MvaSA
BE 0662.905.918Green House DevelopmentSPRL
BE 0685.848.594RomgixlSA
BE 0685.850.079GiromlouSA
BE 0684.950.553Sprl Cl StablesSPRL
BE 0677.483.335Cefamm AsblASBL
BE 0676.355.264Cercle Des Officiers Para-CommandosASBL
BE 0860.635.765Cr TeamSPRL
BE 0809.378.193Gemayel AlainSC SPRL
BE 0808.803.519Buzz In A BoxSPRL